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Our Association

Bridle Estates is a community of 175 homes located in the southwest Calgary community of Bridlewood. Construction of homes in the community began in 2005, and in December 2012, the developer of Bridle Estates, Burntwood Homes, turned over the management of the community to the homeowners. The Bridle Estates Homeowners’ Association came into existence, and, in accordance with the Articles of Association and the Alberta Companies Act, a Board of Directors was elected. The mandate of the Board of Directors is to review community business and make decisions on all aspects of the management of Bridle Estates on behalf of all homeowners and in cooperation with our Property Management company.  Annual General Meetings are held every year, usually in late May. 

Our Board of Directors

Marg Sorge - President

Barry Manovich - Treasurer

Pauline Huff - Secretary

Sharon Turner - Board Member

Wendy Lewin -Board Member

Jim Guenter - Board Member

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